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Aqua blue linen snowdrop embroidery linen dress

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  • Aqua blue linen snowdrop embroidery linen dress

beautiful aqua linen dress with long sleeves and button up front. Features a delicate snow drop embroidery

Sizing Guidelines (run true to the size):
0-3 months (34cm length 50cm chest)
3-6 months (38cmcm length 52.5cm chest)
6-9 months(42.5cm length 55cm chest)
9-12 months (44cm length 56.5cm chest)
12-18 months (46cm length 58cm chest )
18-24 months (50cm length 60.5cm chest)
2-3 YRS (54cm length 62.5cm chest)
3-4 YRS (58cm length 65.5cm chest )
4-5 YRS (62cm length 68cm chest )
5-6 YRS (66cm length 70.5 cm chest )
6-7 YRS (71cm length 74.5cm chest)
7-8 YRS (75cm length 76.5cm chest)
8-9 YRS (77.5cm length78.5cm chest)

Machine wash cold water, delicate cycle, dry gentle.

please allow up to 4 weeks however I do try to get them out quicker.